Rangrez Experience-My First Playback Song & Recording Wadali Bros

| March 15, 2011 | 92 Comments

Upon several requests to write about my experience of creating the song, “Rangrez” from Tanu Weds Manu, I share with you the joy and anecdotes while creating “Aye Rangrez mere” with the legendary Wadali Brothers.

This particular song is a very special one as it is dearly close to my heart for reasons more than one. I not only got to compose and sing my first ever playback song in Bollywood but also have been blessed with a version sung by the Legendary Wadalis. This song is their first ever rendition for a composed song in a Hindi Feature Film. All of you have given me tremendous love and respect for creating “Aye Rangrez Mere”, beyond my expectations. Many have asked me what inspired me to make this song and how was it like to create it.

Pyarelal Wadali (Left) and Puranchand Wadali singers for rangrez song in Tanu Weds Manu

Pyarelal Wadali (Left) & Puranchand Wadali (Right) Gifting Me a Signed Copy of Final TwM Album

If you have seen the film, you would know that the song appears around the climax of the film, just before Manu (Madhavan) professing his love to Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) for the first time. Well, I knew that this had to be an outburst of unspoken love, a restless mind wanting to submit completely to his lover.When one is immersed in boundless love, romance rises to a higher level and oneseeks spirituality through devotion. The brief from Aanand Rai and Himanshu was exactly in those lines. Qawwali and Sufiana songs, as a musical form permit us to touch all those emotions sans inhibitions. The song was meant to be the deepest expression of love and its divinity. As a composer, it was opportune to take the liberty to break free from the conventional pattern in song making process. You must have noticed that Rangrez only has a Mukhda (Sign) in the beginning and in the end with just one Antara (Verse) in the middle taking you to a crescendo. None of the melody lines or the lyrics is repeated in the song.

It did not bother me much that the song duration is more than six minutes,which is considered a little too long by today’s standards. I just wanted to be honest to the song and let it flow the way it came by. I was lucky that Aanand seconded that and gave me a complete freedom with the song. While composing, I just did not want to break the flow of notes with the usual interludes and music till the song reached its highest point while expressing the submission.My aim was to capture the feeling of breathlessness and the outburst of thoughts in a lover’s mind through “Rangrez”. In all earnest, without Rajshekhar’s (Lyricist) beautifully complimenting poetry, this journey wouldn’t have been possible. Incidentally, TwM also marks Rajshekhar’s debut as a lyricist in Bollywood.

My music sitting with the Wadali brothers in mumbai, the very first time

When I finished making the composition, the legendary wadali brothers were whom I pictured rendering voice to the music , despite being aware that they are beyond the realms of commercial Hindi Cinema and may even not find it worthy to sing for a Bollywood film, my believe that faith always wins if you are true to your art, made me pursue my dream.

For those who don’t know, Wadali brothers (Sufi Exponents) reside in Amritsar, Punjab. Ideally I should have descended down to Amritsar to meet the legends but the ongoing audio productions kept me away from my intent. Finally I sent them the song in my vocals through net. They loved the composition so much on the first hearing that they instantly decided to bless me with their immortal voice.

Within days, I received them  Mumbai with utmost anticipation and we recorded “Rangrez” in YRF Studios. It was a divine experience to dub a song from my debut film with the living legends. Well, the first instance I met them on their arrival for a music sitting, I revered in the aura around them. I knew, I was in the presence of two internationally renowned idols of classical music (Puranchand Wadali ji and Pyarelal Wadali ji), who have come this far not to earn a song but to bless the musician in me. I was startled to see how humble they were, embracing me with all their heart. They even lovingly started calling me “Kishan”. The next day at the studio,  I experienced further why they are the greatest of musicians. For them music is spirituality, above everything else in life. If you didnt know, Purachandji is 75  years old and Pyarelal ji is 65, you can imagine their devotion for music even today. Words are not enough to express my feelings while in their presence.

You may be surprised to know that they spent twelve good hours at a stretch on the recording session. Why? It was not actually a dubbing assignment for them, they take to every stage as performers. Time just flew, as they got immersed into the song with each line as we progressed. It was a rare honor to hear them often breaking free into another world singing and performing the ragas in the song, or get into a jugalbandi themselves while I, mesmerized  like a child stared in awe and absorbed the  exposure to purest expression of music and humbly  conducting the two legends . After a few hours, when we hadn’t taken a single break, I really felt guilty and was compelled to ask if they wanted to resume the recording some time later. But their one answer reinforced their greatness as musicians and their dedication as performers.

Wadalis lost in Rangrez

Wadalis lost in Rangrez, One of my best moment

Puranchandji said, “Beta, hum jab stage pe chadhte hai tto duniya ko bhool jate hai. Aur agar aaj gaate gaate 24 ghante bhi ho jaye tto bhi gana gaakar hi utrenge” (Son, when we are up on a stage, we forget the world. And if it takes another 24 hours from now, we shall complete the song before we say we are done.” Well! I just felt numbed hearing this and decided to surrender to their commitment. What happened thereafter was pure magic and the power of music was at its helm. The whole studio reverberated with their soulful voice and my whole team just experienced the spectacle.

One more anecdote, Most of you may have an idea how recordings are conducted, the music director actually sits on the console while the artists sing from within a soundproofed recording room, usually separated by a glass wall. Although that is how I have always directed my music and everybody else does the same, but with the legends, I didn’t feel too comfortable with this arrangement. It was too technical to instruct them over the mike across the console every time and then go about it. It needed that humane touch with artists of their stature. So after half an hour, I paused and requested Vijay (recordist of YRF) to make an exception. I wanted to be with them in this privileged journey and made my space right in the middle of the two legends seated inside the recording booth, with a third microphone for feedback and a headphone. There I was comfortably sheltered under the wings of Wadali’s and we sailed through like magic. I had them singing my song right next to my ears in perfect pitch. It is difficult actually for anyone to fathom my feelings then, out of the world may be the closest of the expressions. Being the creator of the music and hearing it literally into the ears! Lucky me! Hehe.

Quite unbelievable but true, we completed the session at 12 midnight and only thing they consumed till then were two cups of tea and a few biscuits. We all had our first meal of the day post the complete recording of the song. World of Wonders,  I said to myself, don’t know if I was ever to meet the heightened musicians again and hear them sing to my music! Once in a lifetime comes such an experience.

“Rangrez” will forever remain a memorable asset of my mine and is a reassurance of my faith in music, for I had “The Wadalis” singing a composed song in a Hindi feature film for the first time. And if the film happens to be my debut film, the song becomes even more special! And how did the miracle happen? Yet again proven, Music binds heartily and it bonded us as artists too. I know, It is just my first step in the music industry and they had five decades of music they have nurtured to perfection. But we still connected over music. Music really dissolves every separation in no time. How do I feel? One in a million feeling!!

In the film, Ananad Rai (Director)  felt that “Rangrez” in my voice complimented Madhavan’s character and the situation adequately, hence, you will find the version of the song in my vocals with the visuals and in the audio album, released through T-Series. Many more memories are associated with Rangrez, above all, if my song has been able to make you feel the pain, the longing, and the liberation through love that I felt while composing, I consider myself rewarded.

Please enjoy listening to both the renditions and leave your reactions on them below. (Copyright owned by T-Series)


Rangrez (Singer : Myself)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Rangrez (Singer : Wadali Brothers)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click here for Rangrez Song Lyrics

English Translation for Rangrez Song

Many listeners particularly from outside india have requested me for an english translation of this song. I will post it here as soon as possible.

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Many listeners think that “Rangrez” is some old traditional song resung by us; but hey no, it is an original melody I composed only for “Tanu Weds Manu”. I really hope to create lot more hardcore melodies like from the golden era. Since the TV promotion of this song was short-lived, I sincerely urge you to use facebook, twitter, every social network you are a part of, email book, word of mouth to help spread both the versions and my music… :) Ofcourse only if you have liked them.

To listen to the rest of the songs you may Click Here.

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Hi, I'm a Music Composer from Mumbai, Bollywood. I debuted with "TANU WEDS MANU", hindi feature film, released on 25th Feb, 2011, which won me the Filmfare R.D Burman Talent Award 2012. Im also happy to my second Superhit, JOLLY LLB that released in march 2013. Independent film "Oonga" also premiered in New York Film Festival, 2013.

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  1. TheMasakkali says:

    jitna kaha jaye, utna kam. fantastic read. too many firsts that we-the people die to know. Thanks much for the lovely compile. Just one more request, a translated version of the Urdu Words will be real good. :)

    • Rajib Sarkar says:

      For the last 3 days I have been listening this song. Whenever I listen to such an extraordinary creation I step a head and search for the biography of the creator. I searched the internet and found a blog.
      No doubt the song might have something related to your life.
      For the first time I thought this composition must be an old and famous one which is not know to me. It is because the The Great Legendary Brothers have beautifully blend the song with the music. The composition itself speaks the eternity of the composer’s soul.
      Each phrase is so beautifully composed it seems like an artist painting with his brush.
      What you have shared in the blog is absolute truth and it is because I could feel each and every word you have written.
      Apart from this song,I loved the The Song Mannu Bhaiya….it was also a tough composition. I love the rendering and the modulation done in the song.
      Hats of to you.
      Wishing you Gud luck and waiting for some more release from your blessed mind.

      • Alok Mishra says:

        That is EXACTLY what I was thinking… “It must have been some classical composition” – then I saw this site and the biography and am simply blown away!

        Your described it so well! Very artistic! The music is pictured beautifully in the moved and adds to the emotions – I have been stunned for the past couple of days, listening to this. And its a double whammy, first the voice of the Wadali Brothers and Krsna.

        Fantastic! Hope there is more from Krsnaji.

        • Krsna says:

          Thanks a lot Alok. Music lovers like you make it all worth it. I’m a music hungry person. So im sure i will touch these emotions a lot many more times. :)

          • Subhankar Patnaik says:

            Dear Krsna,
            I don’t know when I’ll be saturated, Have been listening and listening and listeninnnng to it and just going insane …. How have you made this brother? It just mesmerizes the entire soul !! Wadalli Brothers too have The God sitting in their voices. Moreover what a description by you about this composition ! The writeup too also has an immence power to mould the audience.

  2. Magik says:

    brilliant composition. i had the honour of listening to this song for the first time in your voice, in Deepak Dobriyal’s car and i was hooked. i could feel the goosebumps. being a filmmaker in the making, i humbly hope to work with you in the near future. thanks for rangrez sir. all my love and regards plus a huge magik ki jhappi!!!

  3. Nayak says:

    I am truly awestruck by Krsna’s humility and sense of wonderment. The fact that you dont see a single pic of him is clear indication that he want his music to take precedence over himself. Here comes a man who is more determined to be a true artist, than a star or a celebrity. As for the song ‘Rangrez’, imho it is one of the greatest tracks of the year and an absolute stunner in all departments, i.e. lyrics, composition and rendition. Listening to the wonderfully imaginative and earthy lyrics in the voices of the Wadali brothers is an absolute treat and remains the highlight of the album. Way to go Krsna, may you deliver such memorable tracks in the years to come and may you always remain so humble and in love with music.

  4. Anil Bhatnagar says:

    Krsna and Rajshekhar,

    What you have created as Rangrez is truly mesmerizing.

    I had no idea about this song but while watching Tanu Weds Manu movie in theater, I found myself crying with stream of tears.

    As you have rightly said, it is actually a spiritual song. I thought it may be Sufi song and has been re-composed. But I was then hugely surprised on searching that the song is new (Hats off to Rajshekhar) and composition is also new (amazing). I immediately bought the music CD of TWM (2 of them- one for home and other for car) !!

    You guys are very very talented. It is because of guys like you, that indian music will not degrade. Highly inspired and inspiring folks like you will always keep the flame burning high.

    Your experience with Wadali Sahabs must have been out of the world. Their version sets the tone in the movie. Their humility is touching – it shows that only the greatest can have humility.

    Krsna and Rajshekhar- Please also write about how did you get a chance to write and compose for TWM. It will be inspiring too.

    God bless!

    • mandar dilip phatak says:

      men also do cry to music! i thought i was alone!!!

      • Jay S says:

        I do too and I realized one of my really “macho” friends does too :-) But, of course, we rarely admit to it.

  5. dunkdaft says:

    As I wrote in my blog post, Rangrez is something I haven’t heard at all in recent times. I always go speechless when the non-stop Antara goes on. Not to forget fantabulous lyrics.

    Yes, I thought this was an old Qawwali resung by you. Thx for clearing.

    Eagerly waiting for the translation.

  6. […] Experience With Rangrez-My First Playback Song, Recording Wadali Bros […]

  7. mandar dilip phatak says:


    What a composition! I always thought it was a traditional composition until I read this! Great work!!!
    i usually just listen to the radio and never buy CDs but after watching the movie, the first thing i did was i bought ur CD… u are going to be big soon!!!keep up the mind blowing creative work!!!!
    u have no idea how this music has changed my life..

    • Subhankar Patnaik says:

      Same here Mandar — “u have no idea how this music has changed my life..”

  8. Sourabh says:

    Hi Krsna,

    “Rangrez” is too good a song. One should feel blessed if he was able to create something like this. I was watching the movie and when it was over the thing which I remembered most was this song. In the last 4 days since I have watched the movie, I would have heard the song umpteen no. of times , listening to all the nuances of the song and how well you have played with different ragas and instruments throughout the song. Your voice is as good as your music composition talent.

    Moreover the entire album is too good with songs from Mohit Chauhan, Roop Kumar Rathod, Mika & above all Wadali brothers. The lyrics support the song very nicely.

    My heartiest Congratulations to you !!! & Wishing an extremely successful career ahead.



  9. Dipendra says:

    Superb songs sirjee…..great Work.
    Specially the last song of movie “ye Rangrez mere”
    there is no comprision of Rangrez mere sung by u & wadali’s Bros…bcoz both songs are complimenting each other….

  10. Ranjit says:

    krsna Sirjee music is shortcut to reach the GOD
    & when I heard this song I feel I m near the Supreme power.
    Music is ocean..If we got only two drops..that is “DO BUND ZINDGI KE “… I m egerously waiting your next hearttouch composition.. THANX DEAR…!

  11. Trupti says:

    I am noone to comment on such great music. But the best praise would be saying tat i felt everything tat you wanted to convey in the movie song. I read the exact words here …. just cant belive it.
    It takes me to a different level….and almost made me cry while watching the movie… done a great job.

    Waiting for some more masterpieces.

    Wadali brothers are just great. I have heard some of their performances and was a fan. M glad coz of this class of music, i can hear them in a movie album…

    All credit to you…:)

    And atleast 50% is to Rajshekhar for the awesome lyrics…although i dont understand the complete lyrics..:)

    All the best to both of you for the future…

  12. Shilpa says:

    The music… The words… The voice… Do you realise you created magic? I am in love with this song. And its gonna last forever :)

    • Krsna says:

      Thanks so much. Its just one of my honest musical expresssion. Thanks for calling it magic. :)

      • Shekhar Iyer says:

        Krsna ji, yeh kya kar daala aapne, yeh kya gaana bana daala, ke hum bas jhhome hi ja rahe hain .. din raat? :-) CONGRATULATIONS.

        You’re much too modest, in my opinion. Right from the opening bars, the song had me in it’s thrall. COMPLETELY. At first I thought I was over-reacting, but now, after a full month’s helplessly addictive hearing (both versions), I can say with conviction, “Rangrez” is a masterpiece. A song like this comes once in decades and the more I hear it, the more convinced I become. :)

        The beauty of this song is that it evokes a hundred feelings all at once. Right from the opening bars, it floods the senses. Intense. Passionate. Otherworldly. Extraordinary. A creation of absolute honesty, Rangrez is like reaching God Himself..

        But one thing saddens me.

        Despite the accolades, somewhere, the LOVE for Rangrez hasn’t been enough. This creation deserves MORE LOVE. I’ve been using Facebook (almost every two days) and post one or two lines from it’s inexhaustibly rich poetry. Shall continue to do this all year. That’s another beauty of this song – words, words, words! Beautiful words. I encountered Raj Shekhar ji on Facebook and already congratulated him.

        Hats off to your talent, you are not ordinary man. :)

      • Niket Trivedi says:

        You are new found jewel of bollywood. Keep up and Bring more happiness to people like me. Music makes me happy

  13. Avik says:

    Dear Krsna,

    The album of “Tanu Weds Manu” has mesmerized me. I love the use of appropriate instruments & the unusual choice of singers in all the songs. It is great to have fresh talent and ideas coming forth in our music industry.

    Apart from your music score, two other aspects stand out:
    a) The lyrics of Rajshekhar – They complement your music perfectly
    b) Your brilliant rendition of “Rangrez”

    While watching the movie, I realized that I liked the music more than the actual movie itself. So, I immediately bought the music CD of Tanu Weds Manu. I actually bought the music CD of a new Bollywood movie after at least 5 years – that probably explains how impressed I am with the music of this film.

    Since buying the CD, I have listened to “Rangrez” & other songs endless no. of times, but the magical effect refuses to die down.

    I sincerely look forward to many such masterpieces from you in the years ahead. Let the magic prevail!!!

    • Krsna says:

      Thanks a ton avik. im really humbled more than ever with so many of you appreciating my honest efforts. I really hope to excel in watever i do next. pls continue giving me ur support and feedback. thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart.

  14. raghab says:

    u r amazing.pls get bak krsna..lots to discus..my no 9830167167

  15. Karthik says:

    Dumbstruck is the only world i’ve got to describe this song,it is beyond words.The song has remained at the top of my playlist ever since i listened to it the first time.It is simply amazing,and i don’t think it is never ever going to get boring or fade away or get deleted from my playlist.Although i didn’t enjoy the version by Wadali Brothers to the same extent as i enjoyed Krsna’s version.Anyway thanks for the great song and kudos to you Krsna!

  16. amish says:

    Nice song, there is something in the composition that attracts you it though its in the traditional qawwali style..IMO the Wadali brothers have sung it better than the original composer

  17. Habib says:

    Just one word……incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mahenss says:

    You have stirred my soul with Rangrej. Amazing. It has been years to listen such a nice composition. Great mix of Rajsthani, Sufi, Punjabi, Sindhi other tones. Great job!. I read your Bio, you are perfectly trained. NID is the place where Wonders are created. Your song Rangrej is the one which will not only be remembered by the people for its lyrics but also because it was sung by Wadali Brothers. I loved the voice and beginning of it amazing. Everything about this particular song is class in itself. Keep It up. Best of luck to you. Hope to hear great music from you in years ahead.

  19. drpooja says:

    this is simply fantastic , i fell short of words to express my real feeling after listening it
    this composition is immortal…………all i can say

  20. Mohan Pawar says:

    U R just awesome sir……………..
    and i wish U will not One movie wonder like Monty sharma 😀 😀 😀
    i am waiting 4 your next movie sir

  21. Sujit Mohanan says:

    This is beautiful song, respects to you for composing such a brilliant song! Its very rare in today’s time to hear such a song. I hope you win many many awards for this album. The music, lyrics, vocals, everything is so unique about this song. Especially the later part of the song, starting from “Mera piya bhi tu, meri sej … ” till “… Ab tere bina main jaun kaha” just send a chill down my spine, its simply magical!!
    Keep up the great work Sir, you are very talented.

  22. Rangrezzz! says:

    shabd nahin hai, I have seen tanu weds manu 3 times in the theatre and a big reason was to experience the song Rangrez! I have heard it 100’s of times and still when I hear it I just get totally into a flow, in to the song, my body can totally feel the highs and lows especially the ending tere bina tere bina wala part ……….. and to know that this is your debut movie , good we will grow old together :)) and will keep getting mesmerised by your work!
    This write-up with wadali brothers was very inspiring , beech mein padhte padhte I cud feel that humbling feeling.

    • Krsna says:

      thanks manuj. yes u bet we are gonna get old together. and i am for sure, gonna to entertain with hundreds of songs till then. so cheers !

    • Gaurav says:


  23. Barkha says:

    Its the most beautiful song i have heard. Just fantastic!!!
    My day starts with this song Rangrez and Yu hi!
    Just too good work Krsna! Keep it up and all the best!

  24. Neelam says:

    Hi Krsna,

    The songs of TmW are absolutely magic..Ever since I heard them for the first time, about a month back, there is not a single day when I have not played them umpteen times..Of course rangrez and “Yun hi” are just brilliant..but I am very happy to say that “Mannu bhaiyya” just captures the essence of UP folk music..Genius..hope to hear more great music from you:)

  25. Rangrez Rocks says:

    Hi Krsna,
    I am speechless and in fact I am a different person today after listening to this song.I feel like crying ( in fact I am in tears right now). Feel alive again.
    Thank you from the core of my heart.

    • Krsna says:

      Even i felt the same when i created these. thanks :)

  26. Rashmi says:

    I am just writing to express my deepest thanks for creating this magical, spiritual flow of colours and words… song is too small a word for ‘rangrez’ It encompasses life, love, devotion, inspiration and acceptance all in a matter of a few minutes. It is, according to me, one of the most exceptional songs to have come out of Bollywood in recent times and to ask which version is the favourite is like to ask to choose between two eyes. Rangrez is something that will stay locked in my soul forever. Thank you again for its light, its spirit and its soul. God Bless!

  27. Anowar says:

    Recently I have watched Tanu weds Manu … and after that for last three days I’m listening only one song “Rangrez” … what should I write … what should I express … you again prove … God is in Muzic…

    Wish for your success & waiting for more good music from in coming days … best of luck …

  28. Sukhada says:

    I am in love with this song and make it a point to listen to both the versions whenever I can.. but I must admit the Wadali brothers’ version is my favorite.. the rustic feel in their voices is just too good.. brings me to tears all the time..

    Would love to learn Urdu.. just for this one song <3
    What a beautiful composition Krsna :)

    All the best for the future..
    you've got a fan in me!

  29. JAYDEEP says:



    • Krsna says:

      im so happy to see your depth of observation. Yes you are right. this is one song which even uses all swars in a saptak.. I mean all notes in an octave. its not a common phenomenon, and i didnt try to do this purposefully or something, but yes i wanted to express best with a complete range which naturally needed me to break free from the mold. This will only give me confidence to compose more songs like this. Very good observation indeed. thanks

      • JAYDEEP says:

        YOU TOLD “I didn’t try to do this purposefully or something, but yes i wanted to express best with a complete range which naturally needed me to break free from the mold”


  30. Imran khan says:

    i love this song such g8 krsna ji hi made a Kohinoor diamond for this time aap ne jo aaj diya he Bollywood ko wo aaj or koi nahi de sakta thanxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Imran khan says:

    tareef karu kya uski jisne ise (Rangrez)banaya

  32. Chanakya says:

    Just hats off! Keep bringing such Indian melodious music! I fall in love each time i listen to it! Thanks it helps me connect to my heart!!

  33. Govind says:

    Te question above put was very tough to answer whether sung by Krsna is best or Wadali brothers are best
    Rangrez is Rangrez and it is best in both voice
    Your (Krsna) voice has deep emotion and feeling whereas Wadali brothers have classical and traditional sufiana touch. What I liked most is the meaning and music and as a middle class Mumbaikar I spend almost 4 hours in travelling and this song is now part of my travelling and I listen in both voices
    I was searching for Wadali brothers as I always have curiosuity to gain my knowledge, I came across this song’s mrntion and I decided to listen (To speak truly, I neither liked to watch Tanu Weds Manu or its songs- I see YRF fims are truly commercial only) but when I started listening these songs (Rangrez-both version) I loved it. Then I started ti search who is this solo singer then I come across your name and this website. Sorry Krsna don’t mind. Forgive me for my ignorance
    Anyway best music and best song. I appreciate that in today’s first time you dared to create such a meaningful music, lyrics and soulful song

    • Krsna says:

      Hi Govind, thanks a ton for loving my music and making it a part of your life. Yes when i created these songs, i felt i was taking a risk with my career with indianised melodies. But i guess listening to fans like you, i feel touched. Thanks again and keep inspiring. :)

  34. Shrinath Mithanthaya says:

    Hi all !

    Here’s one possible English translation of Rangrez. In attempting this, I have stayed faithful to 99% of the original words and meaning. 1% may have been tweaked either because I don’t know the exact meaning of some of the words, or for some rhyme and rhythm even in the translation. Would welcome views.

    Also will be great if one or more of us can improve on it further.

    Thanks & cheers!


    O my dear dyer, O dear dyer
    Pray, tell me my dear dyer
    In what water have you mixed what color
    That my heart is now crazy for you
    And my robe, a bright saffron hue
    And my robe, a bright saffron hue

    Now why, with you, do I raise a clamor
    When myself, with you, insisted, ‘Color
    my veil in the shades of my lover’
    Curse your color; it won’t stop at the thread
    But seeps in to the very fiber of my heart-n-head
    Color my core

    O dyer, are you on an Ecstasy high
    That you ask me what color to try
    Colors are your stock-in-trade
    And you know best the what’s-in shade
    My beloved shade, my lover’s shade
    My spring shade, my fall shade
    My summer shade, my rainfall shade
    Moment to moment just shade, shade, shade
    Just shade me right, from morn to night

    Just drop me a drop of your love divine
    That’ll tint all the seven seas of mine
    Tint my limit, tint the boundary wall
    Tint me without limit, also tint us all
    Tint the temple, the mosque, the bar for alcohol
    (my dear dyer, my dear dyer)

    My dear dyer, why have two homes
    Paint the twain as one, the twain as one
    Moment to moment just paint, paint, paint
    The maternal and the marital backyards as one
    Moment to moment just paint, paint, paint
    Just paint me right, from morn to night

    Paint the sleep, the toss-n-turn
    From dreams, paint the crease that has fallen
    Paint the wonder that this indeed is you
    Come, enter my heart, paint this desire too
    Then do come and paint our communion
    But then come if you can’t, do paint our disunion
    Carrying in my heart the pain of parting
    Carrying in my heart the pain of parting
    May l carry on with life, may I carry on living
    Paint the daring

    My dear dyer, My dear dyer
    What then are your true colors, do reveal to me now

    My love’s you, my sage too
    My dye’s you, my dyer too
    My boat’s you, the lashing waves too
    I sail in you, and sink in too
    Every word of yours I am devoted to
    My owner’s you, my master too
    O my life, my life’s in the hands of you
    My slayer’s you, my savior too
    Can think of none else but you
    Can think of none else but you

    My way’s you, way-shower too
    My lord’s you, my servant too
    My dawn’s you, my dusk’s you
    My priest’s you, and my guide too
    Now, where do I go without you
    Where do I go without you
    Where do I go without you

    Without you … without you … without you …

    O my dear dyer, O dear dyer
    Pray, tell me my dear dyer
    In what water have you mixed what color
    That my heart is now crazy for you
    And my robe, a bright saffron hue
    And my robe, a bright saffron hue

  35. swetank says:

    What a composition. I’m just speechless. I’ve listened to it so many times that I don’t remember the count. It is almost touching the god when you close the eyes. I feel so optimistic and spiritual after listening this. Thanks for such a beautiful creation. I wish you all the best for the future. I am eager to listen to the next creation. :)

  36. […] Rangrez Experience-My First Playback Song & Recording Wadali Bros 44 comments […]

  37. Rohit says:

    Undoubtedly Love this song. One question. Is the Lover(singer) also referring to the divine powers in this song. A third option is missing from the survey i.e. “Liked both versions” which would be a yes for me as both are different and give a different pleasure.

    • Krsna says:

      in a way he is. it is also an ode to god. love supreme is a submission to god as well. so u are very right. Its about the divine powers of love and faith too. thanks

  38. Himanshu Gupta says:

    mai itna bada to nahi ki aap jaise mahan logon ki tarif karne ke bhi kabil bhi ho jaun par itna zarur kahna chahunga ki aap mane ya na mane it is one of the best songs ever written or composed in the history of Indian cinema.I wd like to congratulate and admire mr. rajshekar for such a mesmerizing lyric.in past when RD burman and naushad ji composed lyrics became immaterial similarily when rajshekhar would have written this song he would have not thought that music will become immaterial for it.I have never before seen such a great combination of khalis urdu and hindi in one song.The words are so apt to the composition that no other words could be imagined instead of them.The use of “virodhabahs alankar” in various places has increased the class of the lyric.I am damm sure that Mr rajshekhar has himself, some or the other time, undergone the pain of letting go his lover.This is the real voice of heart.Any song which can compete with this song in the whole history may be “Zindabad Zindabad Aei mohabbat” and “Pal pal dil ke pas”.No other song can ever reach there where this song has risen.The feeling of immersing in true love by a lover is so beautifully depicted in the song that no one who has ever known what love is can restrain himself from listening and lauding it for atleast a million times.I just want to add one more sentence here, since to praise this song a book can be written and no one can bear that with me,even if this song is not awarded a national or filmfare award plz do not become disappointed,the song has reached to such a height that awards don’t matter a penny.If awards are given to this song the awards will get glorified for being given to such an immortal song.Moreover love of admirers is the best award for an artist and u and rajshekhar have already received it.
    Thank u for bearing me

    • Krsna says:

      Thanks a ton Himanshu. Without music lovers like you, any work of a music creator is redundant. So you make it all worth it. I will convey your love and high regards for this song to raj shekhar as well. And u are right, im not at all worried about awards. I already feel awarded with so many beautiful praises for my work everyday from distant places. Hope i am always able to connect with you through music…

  39. vishal sanghvi says:

    soulful, poetic, mesmerizing, classical, immortal..tough to recreate gems like these that leave u spell bound with composition as well as the lyrics..but i would like to see u weave such magic in other genres as well..wish u all the very best..keep us posted on whats next..btw nice job w the blog.

  40. This is one of the best composed and sung. The use of instruments in the song is superb. Some urdu words are difficult but one can easily find the meaning if he wants to. The lyrics are amazing and fit in any mood or situation.

    As soon as you hear it u can feel its a song created from someones heart.

    NO body has mentioned about the silent Rangrez song (when the heroine sees the photograph collarge) which is the best among all three. I even made a mp3 of that and proudly its my ringtone.

    Great work Krsna Ji.

  41. Jimmy says:

    It’s something unique. I have not heard such composition + lyrics in a long long time.
    It has been an addiction to me now, my mornings start from Rangrez and my nights goes with it only.
    The feeling is too good.
    And specially, I like the Krsna version rather then wadali version.

    Well done Krsna.

    Keep it up. Waiting for more.

    Thanks for the song.

  42. Shrinath Mithanthaya says:

    Hi Krsna !

    As we all know, this is the era of remix. A good remix (has there ever been one? :-) can create fresh interest in a somewhat forgotten number. I request you to remix Rangrez … now, please, don’t be scandalized! … I don’t mean the usual re-mix including jhankaar beats, and so on.

    My dream re-mix for Rangrez would be a com…bination of snatches and interludes from both the versions sung by you and Wadali bros. Whenever I hum the song, I hear within me some words and instruments from your version, and some from the Wadali version. Would be great to hear your re-mix of what portions you like from both the versions.

    Thanks in advance and cheers!


  43. pradeep singh sohal says:

    great work…krsna ji…i never heard before this type of song with superb lyrics…..apka gaana zindagi ka part ban gya h….i like ur(krsna) version more…..superb song yar realyy….mind blowing….realy it a way of shortcut reach to god…..
    krisna ji best of luck fr future….

  44. vinayak says:

    I don’t have words to express my appreciation for this song. This is so perfect: the lyrics, the composition, the voices (both versions) as well as the picturization. Krsna, where have you been all this time?

  45. Ananda Ghosh says:

    Hi..just loved the compositions…yun hi, rangrez, piya na rahe…loved your voice too…good luck with the future projects!! Will be eagerly waiting for them :)

  46. vandana says:

    Hi Krsansir!I have listened to your version of regrez,and i feel you have created that song from personal experience..The feel in the song is of level that one would say you have been in that situation yourself.lot of depth,touches the core of the heart.Keep up the good work.

    • vandana says:

      Beautiful,Spiritual,Divine..Just like Krsna.

  47. Santhosh says:

    hi Krsna,
    I really enjoyed this composition, tabla rendering on background and wadali bros voice.
    Great work on this keep going gud luck for your future projects.

  48. rajshri says:

    hi,great work,
    dil ko choo jane vali composition.gud luck.

  49. Tanay says:

    Dear Krsna,
    What a different music u have created!!! Like other I have no words to explain it’s beauty and originality. One word EVERGREEN. Music these days have lost that evergreen touch but songs of this movie are going to die in heart. I have recently started playing saxophone and this song is the first one which I want to play. It is too difficult to play this song on saxophone but I can try “yun hi” on it… Provided I get musical notes from somewhere. Please let me know if you have published musical notes somewhere. I will really be thankful.
    In the end, please keep bringing such evergreen songs in our era.

  50. Anurag says:


    I heard this song for the first time today and was completely blown away. You come across such a song in ages..

    Started searching for you and finally found this blog.

    You are a gem, so humble..( as a musician as well as a singer )
    Not sure if you yourself know what you have created !

    For some of the things in this world, God has not created any words..and “Rangrez” is one of them..
    it can only be felt..

    Keep up the good work !

  51. Raghupati Jha says:

    Hi Krsna… wow!!! Amazing !!!words cant describe your music …
    All your songs in TWM is just brilliant …. Lot of people complain saying that most of the songs these days are too classical … but i must say that these compositions are so fresh …and adequate use of classical music ….just the right combination :) …Rangrez and Piya …both yours and wadali bros versions are amazing … dont know if there is another thread for piya … but the use of instruments is out of the world… the accoustic guitar in piya…the flute in piya … the use of tabla in rangrez…use of dholak in rangrez…the harmonium in rangrez …keep the good work going … and im assuming that you have used all the original instruments … please do continue the trend… that will always keep you a class apart …i listen to rangrez and piya constantly the whole day … in love with your songs …. and also with the use of your music in the movie between dialogues in TWM… you are truly gifted brother ….

  52. Shashikant says:

    Hi Krishna

    Its been four days since i continuously listen to ur Rangrez song back to back , while on my way and back and still not tired of listening to this song. Just like everyone else i thought its an old song made by Wadali brothers. But when i came to know abt u I have become an equally great fan of yours. Thanx for making such a wonderful song. Expect to here more great songs from you.
    thanx a lot

  53. Meenu says:

    Hi Krsna,

    I have absolutely no words to describe what I feel for Rang Rez…its been a couple of months since i started listening to TwM songs…and it still feels like the first time.
    Rang Rez is truly a timeless classic.
    Keep up the good work and wish you all the best always!
    looking forward to listening to some more great compositions!

  54. Owais says:

    Dear Krsna,

    We, the Rangrez Lovers will highly appreciate if your team would arrange a similar type of event in Mumbai, where you as well as Wadali brothers could perform Rangrez once again LIVE.

    Hope you fulfill this sincere request.

    Best Regards,

  55. Suniti says:

    Hi Krsna,

    Ranrez is a beautiful song. It’s of the class which adds up to the “all time favorite list”, doesn’t get stale with time. More you listen to it more u feel connected to it. The way its sung (your version) is truely amazing, fabulous, heart touching, music is very very touchy. Voice gels so well with all the emotions being sung.

    I have listened it umpteenth time in repeat mode. I dont want to switch to any other song once I hear it..

    Looking forward for more songs from you as a composer and singer too.. Good luck..


    • Jay S says:

      @Suniti, my thoughts exactly. Nearly every song I have heard until ‘Rangrez’ came along had a finite shelf life. But even after so many months, I just don’t tire of listening to this glorious song. It stirs up so many emotions in me that the song is a multi-stimuli experience. If I had composed something like this, I’d be ready to die.

  56. Dr.Sujata Shukla says:

    hello Once again :). mi hope m not bothering n commenting on ur blog too much….hehe but maine suna hain pyar n genuine tareef sab ko pasand hain :)..hmm so i read rangrez recording detailed description…n trust me i like the way u put it on the website..such detailed notes n wen i was reading, i cud imagine in front of me….wat must be really going there..n i think i can imagine how excited, u can be seeing WADALI BROTHERS…I EAN IF I CAN GO MAD JUS COMMENTING OR MAILING ON THSI POST..imaggine wat happens to me if i see or hear u singing..its something like this,..i just wish kisi din main aise ek post likhu..ki i heard krsna singing …don know if i m as lucky as u are …:(

    I m really really happy for u, iw ish u all the success…n wo kehte hain na , ki no shortcut to success…no wonder why ur music is so sucessful…itni mehnat ki hain, bas do hi option the…ya to one of the best hota hain ya phir immortal composition banti..n u did it man…u are owner of an immortal organisation….n yes pls do me a favour…the lyricist – Rajshekar ji..one hug fromm my side….pls do tell him, i think he ;s doen a fantastic job…actually more than that….n itna intense gana…im sure he is in love ..:) n krsna the way sang,,m sure u were also in love or may be stil in love :)…hehe cheers to that…i end here or u will block me someday ..

  57. Vijayaraghavan says:

    Hello Krsna,
    You have created a musical melody with your strong voice which pierces the hearts especially of all those people who have had the divine pleasure of having fallen in love -whether it was a success or failure.
    Wadali brothers with their melliflous voice have surely given the song a “Sufiana” flavour.
    Believe me Sir, looking to the choice of verses in the song and drawing a parallel with the opening Sufiana Kalam of the movie “Junoon” – Aaj Rang hain…,I was thinking that this was also penned by the legendary “Hazrat Nizamuddin” or “Amir Khusrau”. I would be guilty of gross misdemeanour if I or for that matter all the bloggers above do not praise the poetry of lyricist – Rajshekar.
    I wish your team all the success and we all wish you create more such master pieces for the benefit of all of us.
    Please accept my heart felt thanks for a song which has shown like a diamond in the midst of so many other mediocre compositions that we are served with making people over fifties like us lament that the days of “MELODY” are over in Indian film music with the sixties or seventies.

    • Krsna says:

      No music of the sixties and the seventies isnt over yet. i promise to bring you revive lot of musicality we seem to have lost over time. Melody rocks and it will always. I sincerely will try and do it over time. And thanks a ton for all the compliments. I will also convey your regards to Raj Shekhar about his outstanding lyrics.

  58. vivek says:

    i simply have tears of joy every time i listen to this song krsnaji. the way you have sung and composed is mindblowing. whata bass in your voice sir !! and how you take it to high pitch peaks !!it would be not an exaggeration to that probably no one can sing this song as well as u did. and neither ar rahman nor amit trivedi could have better composed this song as u did. i am just amazed.

  59. vivek pandey says:

    jab mai ne rangrez is gaane ko suna tab mere romte khade ho gaye may ne turant is gane ko dowmload kiya aur ajtak is gane ko sun raha hu aur aap ke kai gane aur bhi ache hai aap bahut ache music director ho.

  60. Zeeshan says:

    Hi KRSNA,

    I am Zeeshan frm Pakistan. I just seen Tanu weds manu few days before and I watched it almost 4-5 times. Story of film is average typical indian movies. But what make me watch this move again and again is your awesome music and specially Rangrez, Piya and Jugni. :)
    You have done a great job in Rangrez.. Lyrics and music are so sweet. I much like it sung by in your voice.
    Do such time work again and again..

    Love from Pak !!

  61. RK says:

    Krsna ji, I have the CD of TWM in my car and whenever, i am feeling a bit down, I just turn on this CD and suddenly I start to feel better, with the very first song ‘saadi gali bhul key’. However, I have to tell you this and I am getting teary eyed while I write this. I have a son who is autistic with intellectual disability and he loves bollywood music. He was born and brought up in USA, and goes to school here and one would think that he might enjoy western music, but he hates western music and turns the radio off. However, from my 6 CD changer in my car, he always manages to find TWM and keeps playing ‘Rangrez’ and ‘Piya Na Rahe’ over and over again. Once I had to drive to New York with him and all I heard during my 4 hour drive was these two songs because he would not play anything else. I could not argue with him – he does not speak – he is non-verbal. To tell you the truth – your music keeps him calm and that means a lot to me. I wish you all the best in your career and we hope to hear many more melodies composed by you. May God bless you.

    • Krsna says:

      I thoroughly touched and i can probably connect to your son as well. Ofcourse i cant understand his pain the way he does, but i always felt music is the best healer for every turmoil in ones mind. If i have been able to connect to your son’s mind across oceans and he has understood the feelings with which i have created my songs… i think i got my reward with his sacred attention. im really touched. definitely i will try to cheer him up more with new songs…

  62. ashish says:

    krshna giv a hug 2 rajshekhar 4 writing “yun hi”

    i somtym feel that i m glad i m nt in love….

    becaz i can imagine wat d song mean 2 ppl those hu r nt able to tell heir partners or their counter parts fail 2 realise hw much one can be loved by som1 else…..

  63. Nirav says:

    Hi Krsna,

    My most favorite song Rangrez from your voice. I like it very very much.

    I would like to listen more and more songs in your voice.

    God Bless You…


  64. Manish says:

    Dear Krsna…

    I have heard so many songs on love and separation but the magic which you created thru “Rangrez” is stunningly awesome.It kept me mouth opened every time I listen to it. I don’t know how but I can connect to ur voice very easily.

    U can believe me tht i am a person which never takes a paint to write this much big even on ant of the website. Also I am not a lover of typing, but seriously u made me to do so…

    This is my first post on any website and that is “ONLY FOR U”.This one is dedicated to you :)

    U have a great voice and great music sense. I wish you great luck ahead.

    Looking forward to hear your great work ahead…!!!

  65. shaks says:

    Dear Krsna ji,

    This is my fav song..wow such a beautiful composition.
    Looking forward to hear many more songs composed by you. And I wish you and Wadali brothers come up with some more beautiful sufi songs like this.

    God bless you all…

  66. Anand Pathak says:

    I am always amazed by this song.touches my soul, kuch toh hai. 😉
    lovely composition shakens me…. kehte hai na jhakjhor ke rakh diya..woh!

    I listened at initial stage of yours, all time best..but according to me wadali brothers’ one is for those mood timings when you need depth,or u wanna be alone for some days.

    i never compare things in life, here comparison isnt standing…the playing timings of audience has to be judged.

    always forward to listen to your tracks..waiting.

  67. Ruchi Chaturvedi says:

    Well. You can categorize as a music fanatic… The experience of listening to “Rangrez mere” was extra ordinary..somewhat can be described as “Out of the world”…Ever since i’ve heard it, practising it for more than one hour with the lyrics has been added to my schedule.. trying to encorporate every note into my soul…

  68. Hitesh says:

    After a few lines the Singers disappeared and the Song remained… it was like being ‘One’ with the ‘Existence’.

    Thank you very much for the amazing vocal and musical experience!

    May the force be with you!!

  69. Animesh says:

    Dear Krsna,
    I would love to know, which taal is being being played on tabla (in background)?
    I’m a beginner and would love to know that.

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