My Moment of Pride, Receiving Filmfare R. D. Burman Award 2012

| February 5, 2012 | 10 Comments

It still hasn’t sunk into me as yet. Filmfare Award is a dream reward for any artist, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better with my debut film, Tanu Weds Manu. Not that i ever worked for awards but now that the Black Lady is posing gracefully on my shelf, she is a surefire inspiration for life. How did it happen? Did you plan for it? Some ask me for sure!!! Well nope, one can not plan for something like this, but should only be dedicated to one’s passion, the rewards shall follow. Atleast that’s what i have known.

Its often beautiful to look back and cherish how exactly a year back our film finally played on the silver screen on 24th Feb after all our hard work. That was an unfathomable moment in itself, the whole team watching the film and music play out on the single screen, at a jam-packed Chandan Theatre in Juhu… Short of tickets, we stood the whole time in the passage and watched viewers going berserk on Pappi’s antiques and roaring on the music. What an experience! First day, first show hysteria for the first time for me as a part of it. And it is another high today. :)

All i remember that i just decided to follow my heart ever since i was 13 or 14, when i just had a vague aspiration to be a musician never knowing “How”. And thereafter the journey is mostly blurry at times and often vivid. Going past so many non musical career changes, and finally steering clear towards music was an uphill task. I say its always about  determination and conviction and hard labor all the way. So much to learn and create yet so little time. And do you have a choice, when the only thing drives you is your passion?

And here came my moment of pride. Receiving the Filmfare R.D. Burman Award, 2012 from the music baron, Bhushan Kumar (T series owner) himself and Honorable Alka ji. And thats not all! all this, right in the presense of Sir A.R Rehman, the first recipient of this Award. An award that has pancham da’s name associated with it, should always serve me as a reminder, what level of excellence legendary musicians have enriched our lives with. I must follow suit.

To be honest i was still glued to my seat for more than 5 seconds when heard Alkaji finish the line, “And the R.D. Burman Award for the best upcoming talent goes to………   with “Krsna”..  my mind doubted if i had heard it right. :) But there it was for real. And you can catch my vulnerable moment on 19th Feb, 2012 on Sony TV at 8 pm. Hehe. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my Mentor, Godfather and Friend, Jawahar Chavda, Guru Ustad Mehboob Khan, Aanand Rai, Shailesh, Himanshu, Raj, Pritesh and the list is endless. Music is a beautiful world to live in.  And thanks for being a part of my world. Wish you all good luck in every passion you follow. :)  

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About the Author (Author Profile)

Hi, I'm a Music Composer from Mumbai, Bollywood. I debuted with "TANU WEDS MANU", hindi feature film, released on 25th Feb, 2011, which won me the Filmfare R.D Burman Talent Award 2012. Im also happy to my second Superhit, JOLLY LLB that released in march 2013. Independent film "Oonga" also premiered in New York Film Festival, 2013.

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  1. barkha says:

    Congrats krsna. Proud of u.
    All the best for future.

  2. Leeladharan says:

    Congrats Krsna,

    The music was really awesome, Wish you all the best to win more awards national and international in near future..

  3. Sonali says:

    You are sooo talented back in 1998 we knew it you will make it big someday!!! Proud of you!!

  4. shashikant says:

    Hey congrats for the achivement

    I am still in awe of your rangrez song……

    best of luck for ur future

  5. Sunil Gaikwad says:

    Hey Krsna

    After reading the post & for a while, it seemed like I have won the award because of the attachment to your scores. May god give all his wisdom & energy to scale new & unheard heights. Best of Luck !!

  6. jithesh says:

    congrats…still iam listerning RANGREZ…….
    all the best

  7. Abhishek says:

    Hey Krsna,

    Congrats for the lady :) & I know you deserve it; the moment when I heard “Rangrez” first time.

    Congrats to both You & Raj !!!

  8. Vicky says:

    Congrats Krsna, may this be the first of many.

  9. [...] did i imagine while creating songs in the confinements of my room, that it will go on to win me a Filmfare and a Stardust award in a row. It is indeed inspirational. Although, i  feel rewarded each time a [...]

  10. Ujjawal says:

    Krsna,Congratulations! Much deserved recognition.

    I can’t take my ears off the songs you have composed for Tanu Weds Manu. Not just Rangrez, but Mannu Bhaiyya, Piya, and Yun Hi are equally engrossing (and complicated!) compositions. I am very impressed with the musical arrangement in each of your songs… excellent use of acoustic sounds… so rare these days. Vocal arrangement for Mannu Bhaiyya is so refreshing and pleasing to hear. Wow! Great use of Mohit Chauhan’s voice in Yun Hi… adds one more feather to his versatility.

    Do you give live performances or do you plan to do so?

    Looking forward for a duet composition in your future films. Hope to experience more of such raga-based compositions from you!!

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